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of Legislative Intelligence

Outdated tools are out — welcome a new era of AI-driven, user-friendly software crafted for Arizona’s policy professionals. Skywolf is launching to transform your legislative workflow with cutting-edge technology. Be the first to experience the power of tailored, intelligent tracking that keeps you ahead in the fast-paced world of politics.

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Discover the power of Skywolf

Real-Time Bill Tracking

Stay in sync with policy changes with our real-time bill tracking and instant insights into bill movements and legislative developments.

Search and Navigation

Effortlessly navigate the legislative process with our intuitive search, sort and filter capabilities.

Customizable Reports

Ensure your team and clients always have the data they need in the format they prefer.

Real-Time Legislative Insights

Track every policy shift as it happens with our live bill tracking system, delivering immediate updates on legislative actions.

Streamlined Search and Analysis

Navigate the legislative maze with ease using our smart search tools that simplify bill discovery and engagement.

Expert-Validated AI Summaries

Benefit from AI-generated overviews of legislative content, meticulously reviewed and enhanced by seasoned policy experts for precision and clarity.

Harnessing Collective Expertise

Skywolf thrives on the collective insights of Arizona's policy influencers. With a commitment to open, community-driven development, every update and feature reflects the real-world needs of our users, ensuring our tool not only meets but anticipates your evolving needs. Your expertise guides our innovation, guaranteeing a tool that evolves with your profession.

Where Design Meets Power

Experience legislative tracking like never before with Skywolf. Our software is a testament to thoughtful design—efficient, powerful, and exceptionally intuitive. We’ve reimagined every click and interaction to give you a user-friendly tool that works effortlessly. Say goodbye to cumbersome workflows and hello to the future of legislative efficiency.

Effortless Searching

Effortlessly stay on top of every piece of legislation at the Capitol.

  • Advanced Search Easily review a wide spectrum of legislative data, from bills and sponsors to committees and historical records, ensuring you find exactly what you need.
  • Comprehensive Filters Refine your searches with precision filters, allowing you to search by keywords, legislative titles, sponsors and more. Tailor your results to match your specific criteria with ease.

Real-Time Tracking

Always be the first to know.

  • Personalized Notifications Get updates for important legislative actions like hearings, amendments, and votes that matter most to your agenda.
  • Customize alert notifications Choose the frequency and method of alerts so you’re always in control of the information you receive.

Custom Reporting

Create detailed tracking reports tailored to you and your clients.

  • Dynamic Reports Generate robust reports with the latest legislative movements, empowering you with insights to drive strategic decisions.
  • Personalized Monitoring Focus on what's important by selecting specific bills, sponsors, or committees for your reports, and tailor the presentation to your preferences.

Pricing that just makes sense.

Flexible pricing for individuals and organizations.

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The Team

Tracy Townsend

Co-Founder & Political Intelligence Expert

Hank Stephenson

Co-Founder & Political Journalist

Adi Jagannathan

Co-founder & Product Director

Jimmy Alejandro Gomez Cardenas

Co-founder & Lead Developer